Save Your Relationship How To Stop Making The Mistakes That Are Driving Your Ex Away From You

Almost all of us have had a separation with a loved one that we did not want. Things happen quickly, and by the time you turn around, your certain someone may be walking out the door with their bags packed. Often, people feel as if there is no way to get their ex back, so they give up. If there is love present, there is almost always a future for your relationship. The trick is discovering what is keeping your ex away from you, and how to fix it.

Here are eight of the most common mistakes the people make that keep their ex away from them. 1. Mixed Messages It is exceedingly easy to send mixed messages to an ex. How do you do it? Well, if one minute you are telling them that you are sorry for all of the arguing you used to do, and the next you are yelling at them, you are sending them a mixed signal.

This is an easy one to fix: mean what you say. If you tell your ex that you do not want to fight anymore, don't! Forget about all of the things that went wrong in the past. Try to ignore all of the little things that your ex does that bothers you, whether its leaving the toilet seat up, or leaving the cupboard doors open. If you say you're done fighting, be done! 2. Wanting/Not Wanting You call your ex and tell them that you miss them and that you really want them back. Two days later, they find out form a friend that you were seen with someone else at a local club in town.

This mistake is almost like the "mixed signal" mistake, and is just as easy to fix. If you tell your ex that you want to get back together, spend time focusing on your ex, instead of on anyone else. Show your sincerity to work things out. You may think that getting your ex jealous will help further things along, but most of the time it actually hinders things. 3. Insincere Talk If you slather your ex with compliments, they are going to know that you are only talking pretty to try to win them back.

Compliments like, "you're so pretty", or, "you're so talented", are nice to hear, but they have to be put in the correct context. To fix this, compliment your ex when you truly mean to. If you are going out on a date and your ex looks wonderful, tell them so.

Flattery can get you far, but only when it's sincere. 4. Stop Sleeping Together! Unfortunately, this scenario happens all the time.

You want to get back together with your ex, and finally talk them into meeting with you. A few hours after dinner finds you and your ex tangled up in the sheets, with the ex believing that the only reason you wanted a meeting in the first place was to get sex out of them! Respect your ex by not sleeping together. Passion is a hard thing to hold back on, often for the both of you, so explain to your ex that you do not want to sleep together again until you are sure that your relationship is headed in the right direction. 5. Stop Any Disrespect It's easy to talk bad about your ex when you first break up.

The simple answer: don't do it anymore! You may, however, have to do some cleanup. If you spoke badly about your ex to your friends, or to their friends, go back and explain that you were speaking out of anger, so that your ex doesn't get disrespected by either side. 6.

Jealousy Is NOT Good It is common to believe that, if your ex sees that others are attracted to you, that they will be attracted as well. Unfortunately, the opposite generally occurs, and the ex gets driven away. Instead of focusing on getting your ex to see how "hot" you are, focus all of your attention on your ex, instead! Make your ex feel special.

Don't forget, even after you get back together, to keep your ex feeling sexy and wanted. 7. Leave the Past in the Past If you are trying to rekindle things with your ex, leave the fighting and arguments in the past. It is a good idea to bring up the past, in order to show your ex that you have learned from it.

Make sure that you have learned from it, but if you haven't, it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. 8. Don't Play Hard to Get Make yourself available to your ex; be a friend! Talk with your ex as you would a close friend. THIS can be the most important missing KEY if you desire to bring back your ex, BE A FRIEND! Too many of us have forgotten how to be a friend after being engaged in a relationship for too long.

Many of us discover that our friends are always there for us. They listen. They care. And they are self-less.

Everyone misses being around with a dear friend. So, remember this, to have a healthy, long lasting and fulfilling relationship, you still need that FRIENDSHIP element! Evaluate your current relationship, and relive all of the good things about the past. With a little bit of time, and effort on both of your parts, you will be able to get your ex back.

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