Get Tuition Aid from Your Employer to Pay for a College Degree

Many corporations and employers offer tuition aid to help employees get an undergraduate or graduate degree while they work to support their families. If you are bypassed by other, less skilled employees of your company who are getting promotions you deserve, maybe your problem is that you don't have a college degree or a graduate degree. But going to school is expensive and it is hard, if not impossible, to get that degree and pay your bills at the same time. Find out if your employer offers tuition aid. If you are really dedicated to getting that college degree, you may have to change companies to find an employer who offers tuition aid benefits. It is important to understand what is available, and to investigate the guidelines for receiving college degree tuition aid.

Your company might require that you go for a degree that will apply to a job (your current job or another job for which you might be qualified) within the company. They do not want to pay your tuition and then have you leave the company with your new college degree and go find another job at another company. Ask what courses and field of study you need to take to get advancement or promotion with your current employer.

Do the restrictions regarding your college degree allow you to do what you want with your career over the next five to ten years? Your company might also ask you to sign an agreement to stay in the company for a year or more after you get your college degree. That agreement is their insurance that they will get their money back from the tuition aid they gave you in the form of increased productivity or job skills for that period of time. Will your company give you time off during the work day to attend classes to pursue your college undergraduate degree or graduate degree? Ask your employer if this is possible so you don't have to attend evening or weekend classes. Also, ask about minimum grade requirements to keep your tuition aid. You usually have to submit an official college transcript at the end of every grading period, so that your company knows you are getting good grades and attending classes. How long can you take to complete your college degree? What happens if you have to suspend college classes and take some time off for a personal or work-related issue? Do you have to pay back the tuition aid? Find out if the university you are attending will give you projects for credit that relate to your current position.

That way you can work and do your homework at the same time and your studies will be integrated with the real world of work and job experience. Write down all of the questions you have about tuition aid and the conditions under which you can receive this aid. Be sure you cover everything before you sign up for classes and be sure that you can handle the pressure of working and going to school at the same time.

This schedule isn't for everyone, but if you can swing it, and your employer is offering tuition aid benefits for you to get a college degree, you have the best of both worlds. If you are not fully prepared for this commitment and dedication, you might have to change your expectations about getting an undergraduate or graduate college degree.

Will your employer pay for your college degree? Learn about company tuition aid programs, and how to get a college degree by visiting our web site:
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