Types of School Loans

Though there are many different lenders that provide student loans, there are only a couple types of loans. Students can eventually have options for deferment and repayment through a consolidation plan, but in the beginning, there are two ways to get financing for college from a student loan. The two types of student loans are private student loans and federally funded student loans. Each loan offers something a little bit different, but they are both known for low interest rates and flexible repayment options. Privately funded student loans can be obtained through a number of different companies, who all have something a little bit different to offer.

Most of the major banks in the United States offer some sort of student loan program. With more students heading off to college each and every year, there is much more demand for this type of financing. Private financing through student loans is much easier to obtain than other types of loans. Creditors have been tightening up their restrictions for who they lend to, but this hasn't extended to student loans. Students with marginal credit are still able to get approved for student loans.

Private student loans are popular for more than just their relative ease of qualification. When you get a privately funded student loan, you have the ability to choose how you would like to spend the money that they provide. If you need to purchase a cheap car to get to class everyday, a private student loan can be used for that.

If you need money to pay for rent at college, a private student loan can be used for that. This is one of the primary differences between a private student loan and a federally funded student loan. Federally funded student loans are provided to students on a need basis from the government. Every student should fill out a Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) form, which automatically puts a student in consideration for federal aid. If you need a student loan through the government, you can qualify for the very popular Stafford loan.

This loan can come in two different types. A subsidized Stafford loan is underwritten by the government and comes on a need basis. It does not have to be paid back. A non subsidized Stafford loan is underwritten by the government, but it must be paid off when the student finishes school. Student loans, whether they are private or federally funded, offer a low interest solution to higher education.

Colleges are reaching out to recruit students from all different backgrounds and from all areas across the country. Private lenders and the government alike are hoping to ensure that students have the chance to take advantage of the opportunity to get a college education. The sometimes high student loan bills can be paid off slowly as the student reaches his or her earning potential. With the low interest rates and government protection on these loans, there isn't a better way to borrow than through a student loan. Copyright (c) 2008 USUniversityReviews.

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Types of School Loans - Though there are many different lenders that provide student loans, there are only a couple types of loans.

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