Homemade Wedding Favors For An Unforgettable Wedding

Some of the most thoughtful and memorable gifts for the guests at your wedding are to give them homemade wedding favors. This is a great way to get the favors that you need at a reasonable price. Making your own wedding gifts can be fun even when you don't have a clue about where to start.

Here are some ideas that you can use to help you get started with your homemade wedding favors. Do you know how to cook? Well, this is one idea that works for everyone because everyone needs to eat and most people like to eat. So don't be shy about cooking something for the gifts for your wedding. The best way to go is to think sweet treats such as cookies, pies, pastries, candies and any gourmet chocolate.

These all make sweet and delicious and who doesn't love sweets. If you can not cook what do you do then? There are still many food gifts that you can make. One good idea is a mint candy souvenir in a tin for your wedding reception. Another idea is jars full of dry layered ingredients for baked goods because these make beautiful, thoughtful homemade favors.

You can find many different recipes for them in books or online. Some other ideas for the gifts at your reception that can be personalized are a Wedding Satin Chocolate Bar, Sand Pail Sand Dollar Cookies, "Couples Cocoa" Cocoa Filled Cones, heart design soap favors and many others. You don't have to give homemade favors that are edible. For your reception you can make a lot of different gifts from your home.

Recipe books are another idea you can use that is not edible. These make great gifts for your guests. You can do this yourself by assembling, printing and binding the recipes yourself. However, if you need a large number of them you can get your recipes together and then take them to a publishing company that will print and bind them for you. These make inexpensive and unique souvenirs for your special day.

Another idea that can be used that is still on the topic of publishing is a book of poems if you are a writer of poems. You can also use romantic stories and poems from the guests at your wedding or shower and then put them together as a collection so that you can give them to your guests as a small booklet. When you want to make your wedding souvenirs at home, there are still many other options that you can choose from, besides printed items and foods. Gift baskets, crafts, artwork, or something that is made with fabrics such as a pillow are more great ideas that you can use. You can crochet or knit your gifts for your guests. The homemade wedding favors don't need to be extravagant or perfect.

Your guests will love that you took the time to make them something special. They will be touched that you took the time to show your appreciation that they are there to spend your special day with you. Plus when you are on a tight budget the wedding favors that are homemade will work great for everyone.

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