Spring Wedding Favors

Getting married or having a bridal shower in the spring? Spring is such a beautiful time of year no matter where you live. Flowers are blooming and everything is getting greener by the day. Let’s take a look at some great spring wedding favors options. If you want to incorporate the blossoming of flowers during spring into your wedding or bridal shower theme, you’re in luck.

There are so many elegant wedding favors that incorporate a floral theme, you just have to choose which one is your favorite. Orchid gel candles or the Two Peas in a Pod candles make great floral candle favors. Prefer to stay away from candles? Your guests are sure to love the Calla Lily bottle stopper or Calla Lily bookmark – both very practical favors your guests will want to use throughout the spring and summer months. How about wildflower seed favors? What a fantastic way to bring a little green to your day by giving your guests favors that give back to the environment. I know when I’m driving down the highway and see miles of wildflowers blooming along the side of the road a smile comes to my face as I think how beautiful the flowers are. Your guests can sprinkle your wildflower seed favors wherever they would like to see a burst of color in their own yards.

Seed favors are very thoughtful and add very little waste to our environment. The Magic Love Bean is such a unique spring wedding favor your guests are sure to talk about for months to come! Absolutely adorable in a hand-painted pot, this spring favor is magical. Your guests follow the planting directions of the bean and voila! In a few short weeks, the magic bean sprouts from the soil with LOVE on the bean. The best favors are those that your guests will truly use again. Pretty sachet pillows your guests can use in their lingerie drawers are also welcome favors as are bookmarks, photo frames, key chains and place card holders that can be used to hold notes. Spring theme options include butterflies, calla lily, roses, daisies and more.

The worst thing is to spend your money on favors that get thrown into the garbage can because your guests really just don’t know what to do with them after the wedding or shower. Putting a little thought into your wedding favors ensures your guests will want to receive them and will use them again in the future.

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