The Culture Behind the Hookah

The actual origin of the hookah pipe is controversial as many countries, including Egypt, India, Iran, Syria, and Turkey all claim to be the originating country of the hookah. In many places, the hookah is called nargile and is a Persian word for coconut. This is due to the hookah being made from coconut shells during its primitive years. Regardless, however, of where the hookah originated from, the fact is the hookah became popular and part of the culture of many countries.

In many Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures, especially Turkey, the hookah pipe became an important ritual, of sorts. It was generally for enjoyment and there soon became a certain way to smoke from the hookah pipe, such as a particular way to pass the hose. In many countries, it became the norm for families to smoke the hookah pipe after a large meal and in the Arab society, it was common to smoke from a single hose. However, in many lounges, it is more common for a smoker to have their own individual hookah pipe. The hookah also became a popular method in which an artist could display their skills of engraving beautiful designs. Many women of the 19th and 20th centuries enjoyed showing off their hookahs during their afternoon teas.

However, with the availability of cigarettes, the popularity of the hookah declined. While the popularity declined, you can still find hookah pipess in homes and many restaurants all over the world. In many cities, there are hookah lounges popping up as many enjoy the pleasant aroma and atmosphere that the hookah can help to create.

If you are looking to purchase one for yourself, you can purchase hookahs online. What Should I Look For In A Hookah Pipe? Smoking a hookah is a relaxing, enjoyable experience. However, to make the experience the best it can be, you should have a decent hookah pipe. When looking at buying a hookah pipe, look for the following traits: For better performance, look for: 1. A big smoke chamber with matched stem and glass: As hookahs are becoming more popular, you will find more hookahs for sale.

However, beware of the "cheap" hookah. If the upper half of the glass base is narrow and is coupled with a down stem going into the glass that is short, you have a hookah pipe that will not perform well. There won't be an adequate smoke chamber, so the smoke will not be cooled and refined and the water level may get too high. 2. A down stem with a big diameter: Hookah pipes' performance has a lot to do with the diameter of the down stem. You will get an easy draw and proper flow if the purchase a hookah pipe with large internal diameter tubing.

3. A good quality hose: No matter the type of hookah hose you are using, look for flexibility, cleanliness and overall airflow. To make your hookah pipe last, look for: 1.

A wide and stable base: Think of anything made of glass. A wider, more stable base will prevent your hookah pipe from tipping and falling. You can enjoy your hookah experience more if you don't have to worry about breaking it. 2. A sturdy shaft: When you buy hookah pipes, the ones with a sturdy shaft are your best choice. A sturdy shaft may help reduce stem damage, stem failure, and stay nicer looking for a longer time.

You can find hookahs for sale on the internet and in local smoke shops. If you purchase hookahs online, look for some sort of warranty or quality guarantee.

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