The Ins And Outs of Baby Shower Registries

What is the only time that you can receive the exact gift you want - not by being a bit on the tacky side of things? Using a registry, of course! While bridal registries are part and parcel of the whole wedding experience, baby shower registries are becoming more and more popular as well. The days where a mom-to-be had to dutifully smile and thank gift givers who inundate her with twelve "Tickle Me Elmo" dolls are gone, and instead the soon-to-be-parents will be able to have their needs met - and a few wants along the way. Yet do you know the ins and outs of baby shower registries? While there are no hard and fast rules, there is a bit of etiquette that needs to be observed, and it is important to remember that simply asking for a present does not automatically mean that you will get it! First and foremost, remember that the parents themselves cannot throw a shower for their soon to be born child.

This falls to a close family member or friend. Coordinate with the person who will plan your party that you are thinking of joining some baby shower registries, and once you both are on the same page, make sure that you do so well in advance of the party invites going out! After all, the registry information will need to be included. Secondly, you may sign up for as many registries as you like - there is an amazing number of baby shower registries on the Internet as well as in stores - but remember that these stores and shops need to be accessible to your guests. A good rule of thumb is to sign up with no more than three registries, with at least two of them being brick and mortar stores that guest may visit to purchase a gift. Remember that not everyone has Internet access or feels comfortable purchasing things online, and thus only one of the options should be an online store. Thirdly, keep in mind the pocket book of your likely guests.

There is probably nothing more discouraging to a gift giver than facing a wish list that seems to be comprised exclusively of high ticket items. While a few expensive items are perfectly acceptable, they should make up no more than about a fourth of all the gifts you are registering for. As a matter of fact, you will probably want to include several low cost items to permit everyone to participate in the gift giving, no matter the color of their credit card. Following this list of ins and outs, the baby shower registries will be sure to provide your friends and families with an enjoyable gift giving experience!.

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